Monday, September 6, 2010

The Price of doing business in this town

When I don't know what to make I browse through cookbooks for inspiration and ideas. But since I'm no good at actually following a recipe, mostly I just look at them for the pictures.

I had all those baked blackened chicken thighs already made, so some chicken verde enchiladas seemed festive enough for a working holiday. They were enough of a challenge without going overboard. I wanted to roast something, chop something and make a sauce, that much I knew. I had energy but not a lot.

The *good market had nice looking poblano and serrano peppers and luckily, tomatillos too. I found the manchego cheese at the *fifteen dollar store but they wanted to bend me over for $12.95 for a little chunk of it. Since it's sheep's milk cheese, I thought it might be a bit like Feta, so I got that instead.

So anywho these came out good. You know I'm trying to cut down on some of the fat on these old dishes, so I took out the cheese inside the enchilada and instead mixed the shredded chicken with some roasted poblano slices and onion. Then the cheese (a mix of Jack and Feta) just went on the top. For a bonus, I also topped the enchiladas with some roasted corn.

My mom always served her enchiladas with lots of cold crunchy iceberg lettuce, onion and tomatoes and I see no reason to mess with that. I tried other green's but this is one time when iceberg might actually be right because you don't really want to add flavor, just something cool and crunchy.

I worked Labor Day, today and yesterday Sunday and pretty much feel like a big retail loser so it was nice to have a little rolled up bundle of love, chicken and cheese waiting for me on the plate, as if to say 'it's okay kid, you don't always suck'.

*I'll refer to 3 markets, PathMark, my main man, the $15 store which is the Green Market on Fulton. We call it that because you have to buy fifteen dollars worth to use your debit card. And the last is the 'good' market, Brooklyn Fare. They are across what we call the Crossroads, (Flatbush/3rd)so its a little bit of a walk down a way depressing path but they have great stuff and great deals and are new enough where the cashiers are actually nice still.

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