Friday, September 24, 2010

This ain't no jive turkey!

Pleasant surprise. That's what this turkey scallopini was for me, a pleasant surprise, all the way around. If I hear about a dish more than once in a week, I'll consider that a sign from the food gods to make that dish. And then, that sparks thinking about that dish for a few hours or more, then I start to really need to make it. I'll get excited about shopping for it and anticipate what I want it to taste like and look like and smell like. Its a whole symphony of goofiness that all goes on inside my head. And it doesn't end until I'm sitting down and looking at and tasting the results.

Well, this was nothing like that. I wasn't thinking about scallopini. I found some cheap turkey cutlets this week at Pathmark and as a sort of after thought I bought them. I put them in the cart and then forgot about it. I figured I'd come up with something down the line. But I forgot to freeze them so I had to come up with a quickie idea and ran across my capers in the fridge and remembered I could make scallopini. Tonight, I just wanted to make a couple of sides for fun and mess about in the kitchen, nothing too deep. I threw this together quickly but it was truly delicious!

This turkey was so tender and the seasonings went very well even the capers and lemons. It was very delicate. I was wowed by the flavor and downright pleasantness of it, sweet and gentle. And what a quick fun main to serve with probably just about anything, (except what I made which was roasted curried cauliflower).

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