Monday, September 6, 2010

Breakfast Melt

Any self respecting 'mate' knows the melting points of their partner. P wakes up way too early and then has to eat two hours later or 3 cups of coffee later, whichever comes first. That's not 'get ready and think about where we'd like to go' two hours, that's sittin' at the table already ordered with the food comin' two hours. If we get delayed, he gets less and less charming with each moment. And that's a big understatement. So, its really in my best interest to find that breakfast spot. I've also thought about darting him with a blow gun like the good tribesmen do. Maybe a mild sedative, just enough to put him down for an hour or so whilst I get myself ready.

There are so many amazing places for breakfast or brunch that we need to try but its a little rough to pull the trigger on a brand new place. I struggle with wanting tried and true versus something unknown and there is always a gamble. Breakfast is our one time to sit and enjoy each other and chat and relax. What if the new place feels dead and sad? What if its not comfortable inside? What if its too loud or even worse, really quiet?? There's all this unknown to a new place. What if the food is mediocre but the place we knew would have been great!? It's a gamble I tell ya.

So Sunday, I had to go with the tried and true, Pequena, but with one condition, that I try something different. We both got the Cast Iron Pans, both 'A' & 'B', Potatoes with onions and peppers, and topped with two fried eggs, add chorizo/bacon.

They didn't come in the black skillet but it was pretty good, rustic, hearty. I think there is really something to being a consistently good cook. I'm not. I strive for it but I'm 50/50 if even that. Pequena is mostly really good, sometimes mouth-watering wanna kiss the cook great and then other times, like this time,

But its like a good musician. I will go see someone who has been amazing just once, in the hopes of catching that magic again, even if it means seeing a few mediocre shows.

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