Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bitter greens

I work Sundays and they usually, well, they suck. Retail. I really don't need to say much more. But I have to because no one else will listen. P got me all excited tonight because he announced he wouldn't be working all night like usual and silly me thought that might translate to some sort of interaction, but no, he meant he would be watching football full blast all night in my general vicinity. He's so precious.

Well, it gave me a chance to make my mustard greens. Greens are a big deal here. They might have shriveled up little sad avocados at my PathMark but they will have every variety of greens in quantities all fresh and happy looking. And they're super cheap too! I need to get with the program and make these all the time. In the past I sort of shied away not understanding how to cook them or thought you had to cook them down for hours with bacon grease or ham hocks. But of course like most vegetables that were once cooked until all life was missing, someone figured out how to keep the color and flavors and take out most of the fat. I just cooked them quickly in a bit of olive oil and garlic, added a few fun friends like chick peas and soy sauce and they were great, very flavorful. They taste a bit like broccoli rabe but not as bitter. Now I think some of the more cabbagey greens have to be cooked longer. I'll mess with those another time.

So, I had a nice dinner and I managed a word out of P. I asked him, where do you think all the pigeons went during the tornado and he mumbled, 'probably in the sewers'. He hasn't heard a word I've said all night clearly.

But I'm a big enough nerd that I will entertain myself tonight by researching multiple ways to cook greens. Bitter! Party of one, Bitter!

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