Saturday, September 25, 2010

One potato, two potato

Potato Galette

Since I was forced to move my lunch meal idea to an early brunch due to P's inability to remain human after coffee and no food, I decided to pair my Mexican inspired gyro with a potato galette. That's french! I got the idea from Woman's Day dot com because I'm a an old nerd that surfs woman's day dot com. I bought a bag of potatoes so I have to find fun ways to use them without adding a ton of fat or cheese.

That is really not a big problem when you add herbs and spices and bring out the true flavor of the potato. I used to think you had to cover potatoes with sour cream and bacon and cheese but that's so not true. I diced up some fresh 'penos and added them to the onion and garlic. I grated the potatoes right over the pan so they wouldn't brown and because my kitchen is so small that I ran out of room to work. Then I topped that with some of Big Ed's fresh cayenne pepper seeds and sea salt.This had a super-good condensed potato-ey flavor and it was extra tasty with the pepper both dried and fresh. I did this on the stove burners but you can stick it in the oven too. If you do it on the stove, you have to flip it, which can be dangerous in a barbie-sized space.

Another idea for this is to crack four eggs over the top, bake it and sprinkle some diced crispy chorizo and fresh cilantro all over for a one pan breakfast fiesta!

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