Friday, September 24, 2010

Cory and 'er friend curry

Roasted Curried Cauliflower

It's not my recipe but I thought I'd include it because the ingredients aren't obvious like a lot of the things I make. The toasted corriander and whole cumin is so fragrant along with the curry. This dressing might be great over a root vegetable too. Epicurious has great recipes.

I wasn't sure what I was going to make this week. Like I've said before I browse recipes online and in cookbooks for ideas but really the main factor is what is on sale and what is fresh down at the Pathmark. Yeah, if I find something really interesting there are plenty of places to venture out to and find key ingredients but let's face it, I'm on a seriously tight budget.

They had these huge bins of giant snow white cauliflower with all the leaves attached and they were so inviting and perky. I wanted to make a curry dish so I got the spices and coconut milk but it wasn't all coming together with the other items in my cart so that's on the back burner. This recipe allowed me to have the curry though and roasting the cauliflower really gives it texture and transforms the flavors.

I really liked this. P loves cold cauliflower salads, so I thought he'd be up for it but he wasn't over the moon. I hate that. I consider that a character flaw...of his. I thought it was kind of amazing but I think I'd add carrots next time and maybe just a bit of Panko bread crumbs on top, but that's just the midwestern in me. At least I'm not thinking of topping it with 2 cups of cheese!

MMMmm, cheese.

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