Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Not Those Black-Eyed Peas

Why write about musicians that I can't stand? No reason. But every reason to celebrate my upcoming day off with a warm black-eyed peas salad whilst watching 'Country's Night to Rock'. (I'll be sure to see Reba!) This salad is great crisp and cold but I'm easing into my fall dishes. And you know, this was as fun as any taco bowl. The vegetables just got stirred in after the meat was completely cooked and seasoned. This way, they stay awake and don't get droopy. I warmed and cut up a couple of corn torts to scoop up the goods. I'm going on record to say canned beans sort of made my summer. The salad/bean combinations are endless and they satisfy, fill you up but also don't make you peter out. I guess beans do give you energy.

Speaking of music, is it my imagination or has country music started to get better? I'm not saying 'good' but definitely moving in the right direction. I'm watching the CMA Music Festival because I still can't miss a music show, no matter how terrible. I like to watch bands play. The backing musicians are getting something right behind some acts. I can't go Rascal Flatts and their JoeDon still plays way lame guitar solos so pop country crap still exists full force but I see a glimmer of hope. Or, I'm getting super tolerant. Don't judge me.

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