Monday, September 13, 2010

concord grapes

If I had to name my favorite fruit really quickly, it would be nectarines. If I had time to think, it would be concord grapes. They are so sweet, yet tart and the slippery skin holds all that grapeness flavor but it wouldn't be complete without the sour squirmy center. Eating something that dark and purple no less, is exciting!

Okay, top three fruits:
1) Concord grapes
2) Nectarines
3) Watermelon

I haven't been exposed to many exotic fruits and what I've tasted I've liked but not loved.

But you know, you can't really ignore the basic must-have-at-all-times fruits. The ones that are like Mexicans and do all the hard work. I'm talking, apples, oranges, lemons and limes, bananas. They're my real favorites but they just aren't exceptional, like the grapes. I think its also because I can't always find them. So when I get a good ripe pack, you can just sit me down and leave me alone!

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