Sunday, September 12, 2010

Knucklehead Sandwich

Sometimes you just gotta eat and sometimes you just gotta eat quickly. Breakfast on Saturday was going to be the General Greene, which we've not been to yet but sounds great and we heard literally on the street (a large man that looked like he knew a good breakfast when he ate one) telling his friend it was good.

But I dilly-dallied way too long and we hit the 3 cup of coffee limit, so I had to act fast. Also, I was gonna be cooking and baking all day so I wanted to do an inexpensive filling option. That is the Academy Diner on Lafayette and So Elliott. They serve it up quick and they keep the coffee coming. The waitresses are real, and wear comfortable shoes and call you honey. A real diner. Don't ask them 'what's in' one of the dishes. They aren't there to wipe your ass for you, this is a diner. Know what you want and know where you are. (I say all this because I had to listen to some fool behind me ask 'what's fresh? what's good today? What do you recommend and is the fruit real? - This poor woman doesn't want to be bothered with all this nonsense. She shouldn't have to be. She's been on her feet all day and she ain't young. Order your GD food and shut the f*#! up). Good Lord!!

We like them. It's cheap. For $11.90 we had two breakfasts with eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, toast, orange juice and coffee. Done.

We had to do a Walgreen's run so we cut through South Elliot which was having a block party. Not much action at that point in the morning but they already had built this impressive pit (on the street!)and had two whole pigs roasting. Pretty cool and at the same time odd to see so I thought I'd share the photos.

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