Saturday, September 11, 2010

Corn Meal Masa

I'm going to write here about something I don't know much about except that I truly love it, which is corn meal masa. My mom made this a lot as an economical side dish often but it was super tasty and earthy. I've heard it called Corn Meal Mush, Corn Meal Mash and Polenta, and Masa. I know some of the differences but I like mine on the savory side and using a medium coarse grain. So I use chicken stock instead of water, cayenne & chili pepper, fresh garlic clove added to the boiling liquid, then removed and a little butter and cheese at the end.

Also its good to shape little patties out of it the next day and put a little toast on it. Sometimes I mix in corn and roasted mild peppers. Almost any meat tastes great with it and its definitely a comfort food. Wednesday night, I made some alongside the leftover chicken enchilada verde.

Another way I love to eat this is a heaping mound of it in the bottom of a big bowl of posole or chili! It stretches the soup life out and it replaces flour tortillas for me and its only 130 calories a serving. Bingo!

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