Friday, October 2, 2020

Vote For Me and I'll Set You Free!

Staff Cafeteria Nachos, a gift from the Gods

Just days ago my response to a series of texts read; but how are these people NOT getting sick??!!!, meaning the Trump administration.  We all see their resistance to follow the guidelines on social distancing or wearing masks.  Not that I think that is the end-all protection but you have to believe it certainly helps.  Then today we wake up to the news that Trump and the first lady have contacted the virus.  Isn't it shocking how many thoughts cross the mind initially, if you have found their practices unsettling that is?  I don't want to believe I could ever wish harm on anyone, even someone who I do believe has caused harm to me and loved ones by their self serving, egotistic behaviors.  I went through several reactions and immediately texted my sisters and eagerly awaited my mate to wake so I could tell him the surprising news.  And it was astonishing, even though all logic pointed to it happening eventually.

Even though the numbers were rising again in my city, and I did fear the upcoming flu season, a tiny section of my brain secretly believed maybe the virus was so weird, that it could settle down, that we could begin to see the light and it was no longer as dangerous.  Even though recent city events sparked outbreaks, perhaps somehow it doesn't always spread?  I wanted to believe this.  I work in a not so well ventilated box with thousands of customers walking through sporing their particles each day, every day and it's stressful to me and my coworkers.  I need to believe that taking in heavy loads of other people's air 5 days a week for 8 hours is not that dangerous.  If I had to be entirely honest, I've never felt like I've come back from the original viral load.  It's just went to a very low and slow burn.  We've even had to make an agreement to not take in all the updates and articles on the long-haulers, people like us who seem to continue to struggle with lesser symptoms, months later.   Being science-curious though, I want to absorb all the new findings and understand how these new viruses work.  

I considered the psychology surrounding the president and his cronies being so careless with their own livelihoods, especially in these high risks conditions like on planes and enclosed rooms.  What did they believe regarding the virus dangers?  Did they all truly trust they were immune? Even if they realized how bad the virus really was, their main motivation was getting us worker bees out there to start regenerating the economy again.  I figure Trump's ego would never allow the US to get down economically, especially during the election when he'll have to quote numbers and that focus would reign over our health risks for sure.  But why would they be so careless with their own lives?  It could be that they've convinced themselves the virus is not a real concern since they'd had a long stretch of luck.  Or that because of their status they knew they would be privy to expert care.  Perhaps since it was politicized, their pride would not allow them to exercise caution even it meant sacrificing their own safety.  Or since the administration deals in manufactured truths, there was no need to believe their own science experts.  Trump seems to believe if he says something enough, that it becomes true.  Still, so many of his followers showed a strong lack of judgement that is puzzling to me.  

Let's face it, we could have a field day of sweet redemption after Trump mocked Biden in the recent debate about wearing masks, as if it was somehow a show of weakness.  This, along oh, I don't know, maybe a million other crude jabs he's made to decency.  As a matter of fact there is a swamp full of comeuppance one could center on right now.  I just heard that Trump arrived late to the hall and was not even tested, but went on the honor system, which means several others in his entourage probably did the same.  I read further that his own secret service resented his practices, as did Hope Hicks for putting her at risk.  His family came, faces covered but removed them while seated, even though the agreement was for everyone to stay masked as there were at risk people present.  What an incredibly arrogant and blatant show of power and privilege.

What does a regular schlep do with all of this information right now in October of an election year no less.  I don't believe I need to show a false sense of concern for the president or his wife.  I certainly don't wish harm upon them.  People have to reserve the urge to get down in the trenches with the hogs of hate.  I don't judge those who are having strong reactions, it's most certainly warranted.  But to truly win in this virtual reality show we seem to be in, I think this is an opportunity to practice what we've been preaching for months, our desire to bring back civility, to only deal in facts and handle this with the respect that it deserves. Trump the man, does not deserve it, not with ALL that he's said and done especially around this virus but we need to do it for ourselves and this country.  

Coincidentally, one day in searching for Trump's favorite passages, because he names the Bible as his number one favorite book of all time, describes it as incredible, but has never been able to discuss it in any ounce of detail, I came across this article where he settles on 'an eye for an eye' but then goes on to clearly show he never read the Jesus' update to that old law, and took the saying at face value. 

“Well, I think many. I mean, when we get into the Bible, I think many, so many. And some people, look, an eye for an eye, you can almost say that. That’s not a particularly nice thing. But you know, if you look at what’s happening to our country, I mean, when you see what’s going on with our country, how people are taking advantage of us … we have to be firm and have to be very strong. And we can learn a lot from the Bible, that I can tell you.”

But that story does lend itself to this time.  Trump has behaved horribly in regards to just about everything I care about.  He has lashed out at half of the country and falsely poses as something he is not to the other.  He's duping us all for personal gain and I do not for one minute believe he has ever spent more than two minutes considering God.   He shows no capability of self awareness or remorse.  If this was our friend, brother or coworker, the clear answer is to turn the other cheek and pray for them, wish them well. Which by the way, is incredibly difficult to do.  It's something to strive towards and the few times I've accomplished it, I've felt higher than a kite because miraculously, it does work.  

But this is different.  This is business, our government and not personal in the traditional way.  So, I have decided I will go with Trump, being this his personal favorite Old Testament law.  I only wish for Trump what I and my husband suffered, a very scary, three or four weeks of feeling like we might die at any moment, including a few real crucial hit or miss nail biters, and months of after effects that are equally as troubling.  An eye for an eye, no less, but no more either.  

Although anything is possible, I think it would be naive to count on the virus changing Trump in any profound way but if he does suffer a significant scare, it may affect his base in a way that could possibly save thousands if not millions of lives.  In that way, he could finally pay back some of that credit he's always giving himself.  

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