Friday, October 30, 2020

I Can't Tell You Anything, You Don't Already Know

Spicy Pork with Roasted Beets and Sauteed Beet Greens 

Beets with Feta, Olive Oil and Capers, Sea Salt are lovely!  I chopped and sauteed the greens in garlic and hot pepper flakes, finished with some Balsamic Vinegar.  The cubed pork was sauced with a mixture of soy, Hoisin, honey, garlic and cayenne. 

Pre-voting Quickie Breakfast of Ham, Eggs and Potatoes

It alway surprises me how some actions can really get you choked up and all full of feels. Firstly, our early voting location was at the gorgeous Brooklyn Masonic Temple, a short walk through a beautiful brownstone neighborhood.  It was raining in the morning, so we thought it a great time to head down.  We figured we'd wait in line for an hour or so but were able to walk right in, with no line at all.  And then inside it was like going to vote at your black grandmother's house. I could almost smell cookies baking.  Dozens of lovely, super-patient, helpful, sweet, elderly ladies guided us through the process as if we were grade school age on our first day of school.  And then at the end I hear 'don't forget to get your sticker baby'.  C'mon Man!!!  About the best experience ever.  We passed lots of folks en route to the polls and like many serious times in New York, people drop all of their social guards and talk to you, as we could all the time but don't, like friendly neighbors.  It was as it should be, celebratory and uplifting.   

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