Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Get on Top!

Pastrami and egg tostadas most likely will not make our great recipe books but I will say, just like a tortilla, ANYthing tastes amazing on a warm crisp tostada shell. The earthy corn taste along with the creamy eggs grounds any salty meat or whacked-out accompaniment that you may have in your refrigerator.    This would appeal to you fellow freaks that know the deep joy of a weiner charred over the burner wrapped up in a warm tortilla.  

The way you layer food is very important.  Layers matter.  What was NOT the shit?  I thought a great idea would be to melt the cheese on the bottom first and then top with the eggs but the better way would have been to spread the avocado as the first layer, then the eggs, then top with cheese.  Cheese on top is almost always best.   I like to try new things, then learn from them.

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