Sunday, October 4, 2020

Any Kind of Fool Could See, I Was Wrong

Pork Chops in Pan Gravy
Simple yet comforting. Gravy made from pan fond.  I soaked the chops in salted water for 15 minutes beforehand which made them so tender, melt in your mouth.   
I am almost a professional late night You-Tuber at this point, tailoring my feed and dialing in just the right shorties to take me into slumber before ending with great philosophy lectures.  Animals usually round out the night with touching stories of rescue dogs or footage of bears being released into the wild.  I'm particularly interested in caged animals.  I came across a disturbing incident of monkey's killing a group member by drowning, all joining in on this brutal, ultra violent attack.  This was in a Bronx zoo exhibit mind you, a man-made enclosure with onlookers.  I was barely awake hearing the screams of the children and chaos of the monkeys either cheering or panicking at their tribe's brutal decision.
I woke up still fascinated and told P about the video, how ominous it was.  That we must plan a trip to the zoo immediately so that I can witness this enclosure firsthand.  He asked me if it was common and I said that indeed monkey's will kill their own but I had never heard of it happening in a captured settling with most likely zoo-born animals.  He was very upset by the mental imagery and kept asking me why it happened.  You could see he was visibly shaken hearing this news before his coffee kicked in.  I went on conjecturing how it could possibly be due to being isolated post COVID.  How the monkeys may be stressed with the drastic changes to their everyday lives. Even though you would think it would be a relief, the lack of visitors may have made them more anxious.  He couldn't quite unpack the news as they say and continued to ask why they would do this as a group.  Clearly he was perplexed by the action that may have caused the whole tribe to put to death this lone individual.
I said it was all so vague because I was tired and could barely keep my eyes open, how I needed to research the story.  That I would go back and do just that but I'd show him the video in the meantime.
Turns out it, I was wrong.   The actual event was not cool either but what I had read last night as Monkey killed by Others was actually, Monkey killed by Otters!  And it was an old video, from 2007.  
Let's face it, I have become Emily Litella

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