Thursday, October 15, 2020

I Got a Basketball Jones

Greek Salad Tostadas
I challenge you to find a more refreshingly light dinner.  These were to have a spread of spicy guacamole on the bottom but every local store had rock hard fruit.  Hummus would have been great too.  You need food glue to hold all the toppings on.  Regardless, to make the salad ultra tasty I premixed all the ingredients (bell pepper, red onion, black beans, cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, shredded lettuce, and massaged in a lemony, vinegar dressing with anchovies and oregano, ensuring every morsel was coated).  I fried my own shells in oil stove top and kept them warm in the oven.  If you wanted to take these a step farther, replacing the black beans with roasted chickpeas would also be a great idea. 
One could easily eat three of these but I stopped at two.  I'm trying to keep a lighter frame as that little extra Pandemic weight pulls me into a lethargy that's hard to break.  Walking and biking continues to save the soul and I pray no one steals my dear Ironman Dave Scott, as we've seen multiple break-ins lately

I admit, I'm influenced by the kids at work, always stopping to admire their choice of footwear but I've always secretly loved basketball shoes. The ankle support is a bonus.  I'm obsessed with owning a pair of flashy Air Jordan's. The desire for these stylish sneakers grew even further after finally watching The Last Dance months ago.   I would love to prance around in bright red and whites because shoes can influence a person's stride and confidence and I could use a little kick in my step these days.  Although I would hate to give an asshole any more reason to jump me at night, I approach a room much differently in the right shoes, so I consider these an investment in my future.  I love boots, especially in the Fall and hopefully there will be more fun nights ahead to go out in proper clothes but the majority of my days are riding to work or walking to nowhere. Let's just say the dress code has relaxed ten fold in my world.
I've never taken care of my shoes like the kids at work but now make sure my whites are never scuffed, daily wipe downs are essential and I keep my shoes in boxes instead of thrown about.  I appreciate a clean, polished, casual look.   

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