Saturday, October 24, 2020

I Can't Sing the Blues Anymore

Canceling the visit to see my sister in Colorado was heartbreaking for me.  I needed to laugh and play with her in order to build my mental health back.  I sat around moping for a couple of days but realized it only wastes precious time and I gain nothing by doing it.  So, now I sit staycationing, tagging along like P's little sister while he works on his car in Red Hook.  My reward is McDonald's and later a big piece of cherry pie that I warmed in the oven and served a la mode.  I took my camera along and roamed the neighborhoods.

Our neighborhood became much cuter with all the additions of cafe tables outside

I told her she looked like my late cat Mona and she came and leg bumped me

A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

When I go exploring my inner voice always sounds like Werner Herzog. What do these balls tell us about our human condition?

It's all a facade

They put the red in Red Hook

Lots of stray cats in Red Hook but also a ton of shelters.

You say tom-ah-toes, let's call the whole thing off

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