Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Hey Joe!

I'm falling in love with Joe Biden.  Hearing, Anyone but Trump! on the streets and thinking man, IS this the best we could come up with, a senior citizen out of all those high spirited young hopefuls?  I should preface this by saying, I'm not someone that had paid attention to politics much in early life.  I'm a late bloomer to thinking the world had anything to do with me.  More so over the last 12 years but I do recall watching the bromance with Obama and how he really drew me in to appreciating the man that he simply called Joe, with so much affection and appreciation.   Obama made me realize what a responsibility it was to be an American citizen.  He once listed all Biden's incredible traits before issuing him the Freedom Award and that short speech told me more about Biden then any campaign message I have heard so far.  In short, he called him as good a man as God ever created. And the craziest thing is that Lindsay Graham said the exact same thing about him!  That is some high praise.  I'm starting to really feel Joe this week and more and more believe this isn't just anyone but Trump, but instead the best possible Presidential choice for this particular time and task, transitioning us all from Crazytown to a more rational, fair society.  History will tell but I do believe, if God willing, he stays alive and healthy that he will be a President for everyone.  
And these pizza slices were the best meal for a transition from work mode to in-for-the-night relaxation. 

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