Monday, October 19, 2020

Stand Up! Tomorrow is About to Come

Grilled Chicken Sans 'wich
Grilled Chicken Sans 'wich.  Get it? Sans the bread!  A grilled chicken breast topped with a ham slice, melted Swiss cheese and then tomato and avocado.  I was so close to a brilliant idea.  But ultimately, and by the way, one needs a supreme idea in this situation, the tomato should have been laid on top of the ham, then topped with the cheese and THEN broiled because you need the sweetness that the heat releases in that tomato.  And by this situation I mean, well, how do you describe this particular time we're living in?  I would say it's a limbo but we're all still going, still putting in the pages of our personal history books. There is no pause in the universe per say it only feels like we're waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Within all the new normal living there is this uneasiness that flows in the background of everything.  The ole' Cone of Uncertainty.  When years ago I would consider if the world was ending, what I would do differently, the question was more philosophical.  Now it feels more urgent and literal.  I wonder lately if I'm wasting my time going back and forth to a silly job. But in keeping with the theme of preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, you must continue on, I guess.  Besides, I'm getting comfortable, accepting I may be a casualty of my time.  I've been reading that when we pass, we may actually finally wake up and live the real life or something we can't understand now but some believe it may be way better.  I wouldn't presume heaven, but even if it's not, then we'd never be the wiser anyway, so you really can't lose. 

So yeah, whatever kind of time this is right now, I think the art in your cooking should reflect it.  All barriers are down, foods need no longer be separated due to ethnicity.  Serve a curried roasted cauliflower with a chain restaurant style chicken breast idea!  Why not?  Tomorrow is uncertain.  We should push some boundaries and add some wow factor to these dreary times, because we may never get another chance.  Or, we'll get hundreds more chances and it's going to drag out until our ripe old age, in either case, we have nothing to lose. 

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