Thursday, October 22, 2020

As You Would For Me, Honey I Would Share Your Load

Homespun Asian Spicy Noodles 

A desire for spicy noodles gave birth to this quick peanut butter infused sauce that came together in the pan along with soy, Chili oil, Sesame oil, garlic, ginger and a dash of Rice Wine vinegar, red pepper flakes.  I had some leftover ground meat and mushrooms that were welcome additions to the impromptu party.   
Fall cooking comes with a responsibility to reassure your spirit that even though everything is changing in your environment and every single article tells you we have an ugly dark winter ahead of us, there is good life to be had in the here and now.  Warm spicy noodles sliding down your throat when you expected drab leftovers is a perfect example of how with a little imagination you can change your entire outlook on what life really is as opposed to what you worry it could become.  Just as we have to quiet our minds when they try to bang away at our spirit, we also must pump our hearts with vitality and vigor.  For medicinal purposes, dontcha know.
Piano Lessons.  Come in little children, don't be afraid!

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