Wednesday, September 30, 2020

I Can Show You, I Can Show You, Rain I Don't Mind

Chicken Zucchini Dump Casserole
Chicken, zucchini and corn, tomato and cilantro are just about the best flavors together.  I threw all the ingredients in a big pot with a little stock, garlic, cumin seed and stewed it in the oven.  I put the chunked zucchini on top, not submerged so that it would keep it's shape and it worked! Still had bite but kept that ultra juicy roasted texture.  Of course bone in chicken thighs are preferred but this time I used diced boneless because that's all I could find.  #where'sallthechicken?
I wonder how this Pandemic will shape art and creativity.  I know many folks are still adjusting and energy levels are low.  But doesn't it also feel the atmosphere surely must be thick with possibilities?  What does music sound like when we're all this lost or lonely?  It sounds awesome, actually.  What do paintings look like?  What are you moved to photograph when your eyes are searching for beauty more desperately then before?   
But in saying all of that, I find that I've been holding my breath creatively, living in a comatose state for several months and have read the same from others.  Like waiting for a friend to come pick me up that never arrives.  That's what hopelessness feels like but that's not what this is.  I'm very interested in the time that we're in.  It's more of a timidness to step out of the cage to let happiness in at such an uncertain period.  Forced change is so very scary but also brings a huge burst of new possibilities, an unknown, new territory and that's exciting.  Of course I fear it all, that's in my nature. but I also embrace it because I longed for a reboot.  I never could I have imagined it would happen on this type of global scale though.         

Nature used this newly paved parking lot to display a gigantic portrait of a tree.  I stood and admired it for so long one morning that when I started taking pictures, the new owner of the building came out and stood watching me, looking concerned, as if he might ask me to move on.  Then maybe when he realized I was a tiny nonthreatening woman, he started looking around, wondering what I found so fascinating.  And he never did see it, I don't think. 

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