Sunday, September 13, 2020

Show Your Love For Lady Nature, and She Will Come Back Again

I rode up on a hazy zen-like setting by the water this afternoon.  I scoped out the pier looking for fish but decided instead to spend some time on one of the large lounge chairs that faced the channel.  I shed my backpack and helmet in order to lay comfortably and take in the fresh breeze coming off the water. There I was captivated by this arial show.  Dozens of fireflies swarmed around the seagrass.  Thinking I found a quiet  desolate spot to daydream, I realized this was a busy, thriving, active community of bugs and birds, butterflies and bees, plants and flowers, all happily living a life void of humans.  This reminded me of playing by the creek in my backyard as a child listening to the hustle bustle of the natural world, getting lost in that wonderful world of imagination.  

Earlier I had a before work craving for a homemade sandwich of turkey, bacon, tomato and avocado, red onion on toasted wheat bread.  Cravings are interesting in they seem to be born from somewhere inside of you, forming from creative thoughts, similar to a child's.  What makes you wake up wanting a hearty stew one day and a fresh salad the next?  We all have a little buddha in us that shows us happiness in the simplest of pleasures.

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