Friday, September 11, 2020

It Can't Be Measured by No Sign (LOVE)

Every year on September 11th I am lucky to witness very touching chance happenings around town, like firefighters having ceremonies to remember those we lost, processions, parades, vigils.  This year, no such luck.  The guys at the firehouse by my job were all there, street closed off and loading in trays of food for what looked like a big barbecue, but no moments, no photo worthy scenes.   When I left work I sought out settings but in the end, only a surprise morning moment of silence was announced by my immediate manager on the loudspeaker.  Like a Larry David episode, I was in the restroom midstream when it came over the loudspeaker.  Silence began over my weak tinkle and I waited to flush while saying a little prayer for the families and to remember.  I think it is very important to remember, especially in this time. My sister reminded me how together we all were back then.  I sneered and thought to myself, wow, that sure has changed.  
I was already in bed when I decided I wanted to go stare up at the Tribute in Light Memorial.  I was reading stories and remembering the day, how important it was and still should be.  I put on my soccer pants and ran outside thinking no one was out and it would be a beautiful moment alone to stand on the corner thinking.   But I had forgotten it was Friday night and people were out on my block partying up a blue streak.  Families out getting ice cream, pizza's getting sliced, picnic tables full of beer drinkers in the square.  

At first I was thinking, gosh people, way to remember those we lost but then I realized these were all the exact things those terrorists were trying to take away from us back then on that fateful morning, but just like the Who's in Whoville, everyone still came out and celebrated freedom and life afterwards, just as they should now.  
It's felt slightly vibrant again on the streets and people do need to live.  Supporting all these small local businesses is a very good thing, I concluded.  
Then I decided THIS was the beautiful scene I had longed for all day.  THIS was freedom restored and America showing it's resiliency and togetherness again.  I snapped a few quick pictures and ran back inside to watch YouTube videos of Killer Whales approaching surfers.  Because after all, it takes all kinds to make this vast and diverse place we live in.

Testing the lights days before gave me a city view riding home at night along the water.

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