Thursday, September 10, 2020

I Haven't Got Time for the Pain

Right now because we have only one channel, the Trump news, for or against him, if there's a top story you can bet it'll be about our narcissist president.   When my mate had union workers under him, he would say to them, you'll have full autonomy until or unless I get pulled into your nonsense, whether it's your fault or not, we'll have a problem and you'll be gone.  And years ago when I was getting bad press at my job, my boss said that perception was everything, even over the truth.  L.A. bosses had the strangest methods and that bothered the heck out of me but there is something to it.  The point is that I'm so tired of hearing about this man!  At this point he just needs to go regardless of anything, just so America can get on with their lives.  Let's have a Season Ending episode and move the heck on! G! O! Trump's Gotta Go!  
With all the horridness going on in the world right now, if we're gonna be booted off the planet soon by some major catastrophe, an asteroid, mini ice age, hurricane, wildfires or however it plays out, I don't want to be thinking about this single, psychopath in my final weeks.  It's not all his fault of course, and we can only change our own behavior.  My friendships, conversations with my mate and family have been overtaken by Trump nonsense.  I have to turn this ship around especially with the upcoming election where it will be important to follow to a point but for our physical and mental health, we probably should learn to ingest him and his constituents in way smaller portions. 
I found a cool authentic Greek site that featured this Soutzoukakia recipe.  I thought about it for days and was finally able to make it.  I should have a chiffonade of mint on top but other than that, this was so great!  Isn't it interesting how very similar ingredients can take on such a different flavor with slight tweaks to seasoning.  I use Cumin all the time in my cooking but with Cinnamon and a dash of sugar, lots of garlic - transported these meatballs to a foreign land.  I baked the balls first before coating them and finishing the cooking process in the sauce.  They suggested to serve with mash potatoes, so I took the opportunity to boil my leftover cabbage alongside and mashed together.   The sauce is delicious, like a tomato gravy. 
soutzoukakia recipe for you.

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