Thursday, September 24, 2020

All I Want Is Some Truth, Just Gimme Some Truth

The handy thing about dried beans is they are very inexpensive.  You can whip up a batch of amazing hearty soup by just throwing all the ingredients into a slow cooker and forgetting about them until hours later when you lift that lid and taste the magic.  The most work you'll do is blend up some of the mixture if you like your soup more thick and creamy, which I do and you might too.  Condiments are key and that's when you can get creative.  
My advice is after you've enjoyed one or two full bowls of this delight, to freeze up individual portions in plastic containers because unless you're a superfreak, it's not natural to consume so many beans in a week.  

Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup

Just like it's not natural to be so absorbed in constant political journalism like many of us are right now.  It's no wonder we're so uncomfortable, some have long since fell into a kind of quiet depression, some have become much more angry at the world, and most folks that I know are eating poorly, finding it hard to make the right food choices.   It makes sense that in taking many joyful activities out of our daily lives, we try to compensate by finding pleasure orally.  But our diets are very important and many times that quick oil laden fix only perpetuates the gloom.  That takes its toll on energy levels and general disposition.  I have fallen prey to 'git r done' dinners and the screw it, let's just eat leftovers mentality countless days in the last months for many reasons.   My creative streak is on hiatus but what I think is most affected is my gumption.  I'm not giving up, I just figure the key to fixing it is recognizing the problem and then taking the steps to rectify the situation.  There is a lot going on in the world and processing it all can leave you with a dull appetite for life in general.   Probably all the more important for those of us, finding themselves in this new radical, confrontational, aggressive world with no desire to take part in the game, to strive to stay creating, to write, to paint, to play music and garden and sew masks and all the very beautiful things my family and friends did before all of this nonsense took hold of our psyches.  We are all battling mental terrorism.  We have to turn this ship around and return to using our minds, not allow our minds to use us to process continual information that serves no purpose but to keep us in a state of intake.  There is an amazing world of wonder right here where we are, right now that is real and true, like this hot, spicy bowl of black bean soup. 

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