Thursday, September 17, 2020

No Longer Riding on the Merry Go Round, I Just Had to Let it Go

Beer Cheese Potato Sausage Soup
This soup was the most impressive thing I did in weeks.  It was more than just nutrition, felt like a (good) witches brew.  I put sausage but also ground beef as I love the texture with potatoes.  Meat and potatoes, what could be better?  Oh yeah, cheese!!!  And the Guinness gave it depth.  I omitted the whole milk because it was rich enough on it's own.  It's a decadent soup already, so it was easy giving up one item.
As always, I added some jalapeno for heat.  As in life, I am not fond of too much comfort in my comfort foods.     
When do you let something go, that you know is true or important but seems hopeless to resolve?  When is it crucial to state facts if they are not pleasant or hurtful to a person or community?  How do we talk about complex issues that require us to be more honest than makes us comfortable in order to unravel all the necessary layers?  It's hard enough for two people who are together for years to discuss problems in the relationship with complete honesty let alone strangers in multitudes.  Many of the problems right now require tougher conversations than we are probably capable of holding.  
But in friendships and love relationships oftentimes we refrain from bringing in the whole truth of the matter verbally anyway.  Truth tends to reveal itself over time slowly and gradually whether you like it or not.  Sometimes what we fear is true, is not what it seems at all.  Other times, the issue either fixes itself or goes away on it's own.   This year, for me, there is a good amount of accepting what is.   That's not to say giving up but understanding the limitations of my powers of persuasion and efforts.  Even going as far as to leave things be, not to affect.  I guess I would liken it to having a second child where mothers are less nervous and learn the hard way that they do not control much of anything.  This pandemic may have kicked me into that sophomore mentality. 
Before, there had been an obligation to contribute to the global mix of chaos, to get in there with a little elbow grease and help sort it out in many areas of my life, even at work.  But I have let that go because for one it doesn't seem to result in positive results.   I seem to have just as much luck when I do absolutely nothing in life then when I put all my heart and soul into something and I'll tell ya, it's a lot less painful.  It seems that if I keep my good intention but mind clear of debris, the rest falls into place naturally. 
A gorgeous rendition of Watching the Wheels by John Lennon

The next day after it became all soft and married

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