Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Sometimes, All I Need Is the Air That I Breathe

My sister had a major snow storm back in September and it was shocking for both of us.  She had a full garden of vegetables, had put in tons of effort into getting them to grow.  She had hollyhocks and sunflowers tall and happy, her bird bath was turning into a 5 star hotel with twice daily feedings.  All was going pretty well seeing as it was the hottest summer on record.  Then out of the blue a white blanket covers her whole world overnight.  The day before she had temperatures of 93 so it had dropped more than 60 degrees in one day.  I remember wondering just 3 years ago if we would begin seeing those types of events in this new weather world and here it happened just like that.   

We had a gorgeous day here in the city so on my ride home from work I took the path by the water to see what my world was looking like in these Pandemic times.  The pier should have been packed but there were only single bodies here and there peppering the waterside park.  This was not a normal scene, not on a clear, warm day.  This was also exceptional.  I almost didn't recognize the landscape without the crowds and screaming kids.  Noise is a huge missing element right now.  Normally I would consider this a dream, but it was eery and honestly, I got a little disoriented.  All these areas void of people and the quiet make you more aware of your own self, it draws attention to your connection to your air and environment, as if you can see and feel the fibers that bind us all to one organism.  I stood there until I could almost swear I used a 6th sense to become one with everything I could see, smell, hear and touch.  But I got so spooked at the foreignness of all the structures, as if seeing them for the first time and the newly felt connective tissue was way too frightening.  So, I popped out of that little zen bubble and rode home to the crazy I know.

Chicken and rice with a tomato chutney on top
The new world is tasking many of us to adjust and cope with news fears and anxieties and also realize our old one's were luxuries comparatively.  I'm learning to roll with the now, like these work lunches.  I can't eat right all the time because I am not wonder woman but I try to make lemonade when I can.  
I brought my leftover meatballs and potatoes but couldn't resist these Jalapeno Kettle Chips!

I opted out of the Pita pocket and made a Greek Salad instead, although the amount of Tzatziki sauce the lunch lady put on top sort of took care of those saved calories

This was Vegan sausage and peppers, so I only ate the bottom bun and yeah I kept the fries for their emotional consoling properties!

Chicken salad, sans the bread with lettuce.  Again, sometimes the lunch ladies don't work with me on my ideas and she only allowed me two leaves. 


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