Saturday, December 31, 2016

It Takes A Lot to Rock You Baby

I liked this breakfast. It was weird, off color, not what you'd expect, how I like my friends. Looking at a plate of food for the first time and knowing you're going to really enjoy it is one of life's greatest pleasures. A fresh plate is like a stranger's face.  When your dish arrives, you first spend a moment just looking and within seconds you come to conclusions on whether it is a good or bad thing.  When you meet someone the process is similar.  You look into the eyes, the mouth's expression.  It's primal, your gut tells you to react accordingly, friend or foe.  This basic communication was probably for survival earlier on but we've evolved to fine tune the signals now to probe deeper into oncoming strangers.  And once in a while you'll find a human that causes such an inner commotion and spark that you must explore further.  You feel compelled to know them in some way.  This was more commonplace in my 20's and 30's and now I am very surprised to get a signal at all.  I feed off the small bits and pieces from quick random exchanges.

This plate is friendly and fun.  That chicken mango sausage has just the right slight char. There is a lot going on under those two rivers of red and green hot sauce.  Eggs, potatoes, pepper, cheese.  All on a bed of grilled corn meal masa.  I like this, it's quirky.
In the current climate of anger and hatred, fear mongering and intolerance, I feel a strong desire to find kind, engaged, unorthodox faces in the universe and feed off of their good energy.  In turn I crave to eat more renewing food to fuel fresh creativity, positive ideas and love.  I just watched The Gut, Our Second Brain. I love how science always catches up to things that we inherently know already.  It is no surprise to me that our brain and gut are connected and along our whole body doll parts are talking to each other and passing notes of information constantly like 5th graders.  I always knew they were very close. Like McCartney and Lennon, two geniuses working together in our bodies.  Now they discovered that the stomach is as smart as a household cat or dog with just as many active neurons.  Regarding food, I definitely feel all the chatter inside that viewing my plate induces.  Or the sick feeling I get in my belly when I see a recurring irate customer at work, not recognizing the face but somehow my body remembers before my mind that the past experience was horrific.
We've barely tapped the workings of our body and mind not to mention our heart and soul. 

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