Saturday, December 24, 2016

I Don't Like Riding on the Passenger Side

It's been a 'while in Rome' tradition to get Chinese take-out on Christmas Eve here in New York....
...and pizza slices basically whenever I can swing it.
I got my big chance to ride in P's new car that someone gave him at work.  Always a bit of a worry, something coming for free.  I was understandably reluctant to get in. A Buick LaSabre. It started to smoke about an hours walk away from our apartment.  That's how I was looking at it.  Some red light started flashing before it sort of jumped a few times which I found hysterical but P saw no humor in.  
 Of course it was raining.  My joyride got cut short. I was dropped off and he scurried off to find a mechanic on Christmas Eve, which he did surprisingly.  Someone's always willing to stay open on holidays if they can screw you over. It was only a few minutes but you think you know people.  Turns out P drives like one of those old livery cab drivers, taking it super slow around corners and lights. It felt more like being on one of those boat rides at the fair.....only with my dad after the light came on.  I love when we're forced to be adults and suddenly realize we're barely capable.   
Me being 14 yrs old capturing he moment the light came on
Quick breakfast burrito before the fun started.

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