Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Eve Will Find Me

Christmas was as blurry as these potato slice pizza snacks.  I know it happened but recollect very little. But what I do was really special.  It is harder and harder to feel the holiday when you don't have children or family around you.  So we were just sitting around like, let's sing some carols country style or something, git after it, conjure this elusive magic.  We started out more of a comedy act but locked into a version of one of the classics and it felt like a gate opened.  Each song started sounding angelic suddenly, how a real choir makes you gulp hearing it in Catholic church but with an alt country beat.  We kept it going for while until it swirled around and filled the room like fairy dust.
I must have made real food but only have pics of the snacks.  Greek nachos with hummus, Feta, cucumbers, olives and tomatoes on toasted polenta squares.
Bacon and Cheddar Stuffed jalapenos with you pick it salsa and guacamole.   Yes, now I recall that edamame pesto with toasted crusty bread.
One other thing I remember is seeing Charles Osgood sing I'll be Home for Christmas as a surprise guest on the Today Show and breaking like a little girl. 

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