Tuesday, December 20, 2016

It's Not Unusual

Dang I never noticed just how much chicken and brown rice I make on the regular.  We're people of habit.  P's like a machine with factory programmed settings.  I'm a huge super freak that did all kinds of drugs and alcohol but my body is so now that if I take two aspirins there need to be precautions taken. I'm like a delicate ecosystem.  The last time I ate beef I had such a come down that I burst into the room from a 2 hour zombie nap warning that love was in danger of dying.  I meant the entirety of love on the planet, disintegrating into the ether.  Who thinks these things!?  But I did f and it put the fear in me all month.  But damn them ribs were good!
I take the same route to work most everyday. I don't go changing things around if they work. Routine, tried and true, the usual, same 'ole, those are not always bad things.  On my familiar route to work, I turned to watch the sunrise and saw a whole bunch of giant pigeons that turned out to be seagulls coming right at me. A scene right out of the Birds.  But right before they became all entangled in my salad, they made a sharp dive for an abandoned pizza box, thank goodness.
A week before Christmas in New York.  I'm only present physically anyway.

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