Thursday, December 8, 2016

Just Keep On Using Me, Until You Use Me Up

Turkey Corn & Black Bean Soup.  I have to say without trying this year I sort of killed it at using all my leftovers from storing & freezing them properly to coming up with on the spot solutions. There is nothing a food nerd likes more than to use every drop of her surplus.  Like this quick soup of turkey stock, shredded turkey breast, corn, roasted jalapenos, cumin and avocado garnish.
Top up any quick soup with a cupful of homemade hot sauce and add instant full body flavor.
Soup is no joke and never has to be the weak lame barren broth of yesteryore.  I like bountiful bold soups with lots of heat on the back end paired with fresh bright garnishes like cilantro, squeeze of lime and avocado. 

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