Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Electric Ladyland

I wonder if everyone feels they have special powers.  Mine come in several varieties and some not all that exceptional.  One that I can remember from super way back is my ability to affect electrical devices.  This is two fold.  I can many times repair items out of some higher intuitiveness that always existed.  Other times, though, I seem to zap them and make them malfunction by my presence.  The television would go on the blink and I could fix it as a child for my mom and she seemed to be quite impressed.  I'd go behind and feel around literally til I reached the wire that made sense to dabble with and I'd sometimes do the same with the vacuum and iron, blender and anything that was giving her trouble.  I couldn't always fix them but I was pretty good at it.  The distinction was that I would feel energies around the machines to detect where the problem lie.  I inherently sensed faulty and malfunctioned areas.  At 55 it's cool, but at 5 it was arresting...for my mom anyway.
This week at work each of the computer monitors I worked on froze up for me only, which was about 4 stations while other coworkers experienced no trouble.  I went to print and my printers were lost, gone, not to found even by the punk who's specialty is to make you feel stupid when you can't figure how to add a printer.  I touched the register and it did an automatic reboot, end of day closeout that takes a cash manager to come and key codes in.  I'm not saying anything for sure but all I know is this shit happens to me all the time and has always been true.   It's short lived but lets say the IT guy is not a fan.
I can't always cook but once in awhile I'll wake and get extremely good cooking ideas, like this Turkey Corn Soup made with homemade hot sauce and fresh tomatoes.  I'll seem to be gifted with sudden natural abilities to choose just the perfect amounts of seasoning, pairings and do it all with an ease that I don't recall existing the day before. This soup was that proper kind of memorable.  Thawed roasted turkey breast from Thanksgiving, which by the way shredded up and absorbed all the flavors righteously.  The way the hot sauce flavors that broth and makes it sing is choice.  I used the baby white and gold corn that is small and tender, some Mexican oregano and cumin.

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