Friday, December 9, 2016

I'd Give You Everything I Got for a Little Peace of Mind

The food in your life is very telling of your current situation and mood.  This dinner was a quick one that says, I'm tired, I have no groceries but I'm not willing to go get any either. It says I'm feeling lazy but still a tiny bit creative and I still care...but not that much.  It says I really want Thai take out but that would cost a lot and the calorie count, the calorie count!  It says, I'm hungry now. It's late, let's make this work.
Sweet onions when roasted with tomatoes are actually quite delicious.  I see them as a real vegetable.  With some balsamic vinegar and an herb sprinkled they are dressed for the dinner plate.  Roasted tomatoes are so sweet and with a little salt they are their own good time.  Chicken sausage roasted over brown rice with just their little buddies are enough to be a treat...or at least festive enough for the current mood, which is indifference with a dash of detachment.

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