Friday, December 30, 2016

All Decked Out Like A Cowgirl's Dream

Pork Butt Burger with accordion potatoes
A happy meal.  This dish is a giver.  Great to look at.  Plus, I only used what I had. Bonus!  The garlicky potatoes give it UP to their maker!  Then the lemon dressed cool romaine slows you down when you're getting all wolfy eating the guacamole cheese topped burger.  I hadn't had pork for awhile.  Does it show?

This is a picture of my sister's homemade pizza that same night.  Love when I get pics of OPP, other people's pizza.
Pizza twinsies!  Had to join her so's she wouldn't get pizza-lonely.  Hey, that's a real condition!
One of those days when you eat 3 full meals, no dickin' around, no dainty flower.
Yogurt with fresh berries and cereal provided a creamy start to this beautiful day.

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