Sunday, January 1, 2017

This Can't Go On, Lord Knows You Got to Change, Baby

I worked on New Year's Day.  These are take out tacos from Habana to Go that P was thoughtful enough to pick up for us after work.  The tacos look great but in reality they were just okay.  However, together with the tszujed up beans and spicy spinach, the fresh made sauces (your welcome!), it was so satisfying.
I was thinking this week about about how hard it is these days to go against mass opinion. How far are we going with this new power of the internet? For example after the big show, basically Carlos Santana simply said (in an interview for Australia mind you!) Beyonce wasn't a pure singer and that's why she didn't win a Grammy over Adele.  Perhaps he's wrong.  Regardless right now, what bothers me more is this new censoring of opinions. The public swarming and buzzing, forcing this giant hand.  Sort of like religious persecution.  He quickly backtracked and had to contradict himself or take a whole different angle because of the online backlash of the Beyhive.  Could be damaging to his career.  Can you imagine?  Because he spoke not unkind words. And I thought, why can't he just say that? Why can't he say what he felt at that moment and be left alone without being shamed to change his statement?  After all, first off, why do I, Joe Schmo, care what Carlos Santana thinks about Beyonce anyway?  You know what?  I don't.  Carlos Santana is only a thought to me. He is the Abraxas album, that I adore.  He is guitar sound, he is designer shoes and eyeglass frames. I have my own opinion.  I actually like Beyonce. I dig her TV appearances.  In this case, I wouldn't have said it like he did but tend to partially agree.  To me, she isn't a great singer.  She can sing though.  She is an amazing entertainer with her own performance style. I tend to remember her production, the visuals, her dancing, the whole package.  She sings better than Jennifer Lopez.  She sings better than me. Is she a pure singer like Adele?  Be honest.  No.  No she's not.  It's my opinion.  But we all have the right to one. Does that have anything to do with not winning the Grammy? Probably not. The problem is not if he's wrong but the public's new self imposed right to coerce him to the correct answer.  An acceptable response to the question. And that's bullshit.  All of this public shaming and boycotting and condemning people for different views is becoming way out of hand. On every side.  Group think needs work.
This is the opposite of freedom of speech.  This is moving towards a form of psychological social repression.  I'm all for choosing words more carefully especially if they go out to the world but this right to condemn is not a privilege anyone owns.  I thought the way it worked was you responded with your opposing view and they both lived out there floating in the universe.  Opinion by its very definition is neither right or wrong.

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