Monday, January 23, 2017

In This World I Lock Out All My Worries and My Fears

No Beef Crumble Broccoli over Polenta
I make many similar dishes but usually I mix it up, either the ingredients or the plating.  I do notice I put a lot of stuff on beds. In this case, a bed of Polenta. Other times, rice, quinoa, beans, and  vegetables.  Maybe it's because I love being in bed.  I love writing in bed, watching movies in bed, reading. Just lying and staring up at the ceiling is the equivalent of two valium.  I love the way my legs feel under the sheets. Basically anything I can do horizontally is a bonus and if there are blankets involved, I'm all for it.  My head resting comfortably on a soft pillow is sweet reward.  Sleep is free Wi-Fi for the imagination.  Thank goodness we still dedicate 8 hours to this magical state.

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