Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Not A Trace of Doubt in My Mind

It's always jolting just how good sauteed cabbage can be.  A pale unassuming leafy vegetable that holds it's integrity and absorbs the flavors of garlic and onion but also caramelizes so well.  I served a layered dish of meatballs over brown rice with cabbage and corn.  A side Greek salad.
You expect a big red tomato to burst with flavor or a bright orange sweet potato to be just that.  But the dull lifeless pale cabbage?  What a pleasant surprise!  I had white vegetable prejudice.  Past tense because I've seen the light on all that in the last years.  Yukon potatoes, are you kiddin' me?  Yucca, jicama, parsnips. Cauliflower is practically the new Bob Dylan.
Mona in one of her many contorted sleeping positions.

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