Thursday, January 5, 2017

When I'm Holding Your Wheel, All I Hear is Your Gear

Pizza turkey burgers over quinoa
I used a quick very simple pizza sauce that I made with leftovers from a can of whole tomatoes, garlic, oregano, salt & pepper and a few fresh golden cherry tomatoes. Big leaves of Romaine lettuce act as edible spoons.
On the ride home from work as I'm going along a street I realized all the cars were vintage, possibly they were shooting a scene for a movie.  I had to stop and just walk among them, take in the way it felt to be in another time.  Back to when cars really had a presence on the street. Such works of art. And bigger. I remember riding in our station wagon that felt like a boat going down the road, even tilted and rocked.  When the dashboard was a giant hull and you could barely see beyond the front hood.   I loved when cars weren't perfect and your shoes told a story.  
The thing that was most attractive about that time was it was less attractive.  Things were not as perfect.  Cars had personalities.  At least there were more varieties on the street.  A car pulled up in the early 70's and you'd have a conversation about it.  There was more apparent history, wrecks and broken windshields, busted headlights, dragging tailpipes to discuss.  Every car wasn't grey and clean.  They had detail and craftsmanship. Like shoes now. No one wears old shoes much anymore. As soon as they start to show signs, we get new ones.  You could tell a lot about someone by the wear on their shoes.  The heels had depleted corners where you could tell they leaned more on one side.  Someone would pull up, get out of there car and I knew everything I needed to know.
Someone says pizza burger and that's all I need to hear.  I know I'm gonna like it. 

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