Saturday, January 30, 2016

I Can't Complain But Sometimes I Still Do

Lemon roasted chicken with cauliflower and potatoes.  If brunch is between breakfast and lunch, then what is betwixt lunch and dinner? Linner, dunch, suncher, lupper?  Perhaps that is why we stuck with early dinner.
This was one of those bullshit shifts where I had to go in around 3pm, and on a Saturday.  Just knowing you have to be in that larger than life retail environment when it's heading towards the mellow hour messes with my head.  I get grouchy and resentful.  I fill with dread and anxiety.  I've tried being grateful and shutting down my internal voices of discontent.  Sometimes it works but in the end, it truly does suck to disrupt relaxation and rejuvenation.  You get through it but there is nothing known that can make me think it's a wonderful thing.
And then your cat hauls off and looks the most comfortable a living thing can be on the planet at that moment by sleeping on the bed in the warm sun clutching your mates leg.  I can't take it I tell you.   It's mental waterboarding.

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