Saturday, January 23, 2016

Give Me Another Chance

Winter storm Jonas was not a let down.  For once what was predicted came true perhaps even stronger than believed.
New York rarely pauses.  It doesn't take breaks or days off.  It just keeps going and going.  Most of the time the energy pulls you along and it is fantastic. Other times, you feel like the jogger lagging behind breathless, slumping over yelling,  'you guys go on ahead, I'll catch up'.  And you realize in these moments that New York is like a current in the ocean.  It will move on with or without you.  The city does not need you or anyone. At some points in my life I now realize that I got caught up in it's riptide.  Other times I've sat it out on the beach watching and wowing at the movement, appreciating the size and scope.  Naively, I've dived right in a few times and played in the big waves. Came out with scraped knees and shins after being tossed like a salad.  Lately, mostly I've just waded in the shallow waters.  Years ago I got a big scare when I found myself literally underwater being rushed out to sea, bobbing my head up I had drifted out way too far.  I was in danger of drowning since I float but I can't really swim.  My eyes got so big and locked in on P who by that time was motioning me to come in as was the lifeguard.  But I couldn't make progress and it seemed to make it worse.  I started to panic.  The seconds were filled with images of being taken as I've always feared.  How long would it take?  Do I just let the water fill my lungs?  Please don't let me die!  I need to figure this out fast!  Then I got on my back and did the backstroke, accidentally moving sideways which probably saved my life.  When I got closer P met me halfway and tried to push my flailing dumb ass towards the beach while I was kicking his head and freaking out.  That was the most scared I have ever been in my entire life.  I immediately learned deep respect for the ocean and for P.  He saved my life like for real.  And like the ocean, I know New York City is fairly safe on the day to day, but that can change in an instant and does so for many people in so many ways.  
But nature trumps New York even, so it was a delight to follow the storm all day and check the accumulations periodically and from the safely of my polka dot pajamas.

That night I put my new skills of making oven fries to the desired crispness to work with cajun seasoning and Louisiana hot sauce.  Then a bunless cheeseburger atop avocado salsa.

It's really important to remember that people are probably the least significant items on this planet that is why it becomes more crucial to take care of each other in the kindest way possible, at every phase of our lives.

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