Friday, January 29, 2016

Til the End of Time, Was it Just a Lie?

Buffalo Chicken over Cauliflower and Carrot Rice
Crushed cereal crusted chicken double dipped in spicy egg baked and laid upon grated carrots and cauliflower and lemon dressed avocados
I feel like I'm too old to blunder more friendships.  I don't hear of this problem from others and wonder if it's something fairly normal and people are just smart enough not to talk about it.  Or is it weird to have connections dissolve or curdle like bad milk as an adult?
People change and all of that.  Sure.  But I don't understand how someone that you previously roped and tied as a true pal could ever veer so far from your heart.  Firstly, how could you let that happen and then why would they just freely leave the premises altogether?
Short of killing someone how could you screw up so badly to lose a friend after 50?  So you come to wonder then, were they truly ever really your friend?  And what does that mean anyway?  Do only real friends love and care for each other forever and ever amen?  Probably not since we have divorce after blissful marriages.  Look at the Afflecks.  And if you don't hang out with but still love someone are you still their real friend?  And what about time?  If time passes and you allow the flame to die does that mean the friendship becomes null and void?
Two people must keep love alive but one person possibly can keep a friendship going I think.  Actually I know because I've been that person in a couple of scenarios.  Are unhealthy relationships still genuine? Or is that something else entirely?  Who's to say?  And isn't it so sad when whatever it was they were, seem to end without your consent?
It seems like in the Beg Scream and Shout box of life, I am currently at the Beg stage.

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