Tuesday, January 19, 2016

And I'm Not What I Appear To Be

Twice Baked Stuffed Sweet Potatoes.  
I've met more people that are feeling more restless and uneasy lately.  I wonder sometimes if that's me projecting those thoughts or it's a reality.  Because I could choose to notice just as many folks that don't seem to be affected and then what would I believe?  But those people are not as interesting to me.  Sometimes I even question how someone could claim to be happy right now, in the age we're living in.  But that's not fair because it helps nothing to remain miserable.  I guess I truly thought at one point it did serve a purpose.  Like if I allowed myself to experience joy that was taking away from truth.  Turns out, not!  Some folks have even leaned on me for support which is madness when you consider my weak foundation and shaky mental history.  I have no answers.

I used to assume I was miserable because that's what I appeared to be.  But secretly I was unsure and frankly unable to tell the difference between blissful contentment and downright abasement.  Was that the definition of a mental disorder?  Or is it the explanation of rational logical reflection? That got me to thinking.
So I've been working with this experimental idea and for a couple of years now that you can choose what you believe to be truth.  It actually works most of the time but I get lazy because you have to keep buying in.  You need to keep the balloon up in the air.  But it's pretty brilliant and free by the way.   I know it works because I've affirmed various bullshit all of my life, only it was all negative.  So why not conceive the opposite? 
There are so many uplifting quotes being posted all over you can tell a lot of normal humans are just one meme away from losing themselves to dark thought.  
 Smash them!  Like I did with these sweet potatoes after baking for an hour.  Whip in a little yogurt to lighten them up.
Then heat and crisp some red apple, chunked chicken sausage, onion, and jalapeno.  Put back in oven for about 10 minutes. Look how colorful and fun they look!  It made P forget that he hates sweet potatoes.  Or does he?????

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