Friday, January 8, 2016

She Comes in Colors Everywhere

Mexican Corn Chowder
I love to cook and get excited about certain special occasions but on the day to day I am basically just trying to eat, like everyone else.  Dinner or lunch is just something that needs to happen before or after work. The difference for me is that when I do make the meal, I like to add little challenges or goofy contests to make it more fun.  And that's because cooking is one responsibility that I do truly enjoy doing.  So far, part of a relatively short list.  At the end of my life, I'd love to be an accomplished cook because it's a skill that I believe is useful and valuable. But more importantly to me, it is a way to express art, thought and beauty.
One day I see a green apple as an entirely different vessel.  Or little things like slicing a vegetable differently can change everything. Add avocado to soup or sauce because the day just felt like it called for that.  Sometimes I feel the need to eat vibrantly colored food or crispy cold, crunchy salads.  Isn't it incredible how mood, weather, seasons and the actual day dictate the fashion so to speak of the food.  It's all so incredible to me. Science, mystic, chaos, spontaneity, craftsmanship and filling a vital need all in one.  Preparing dishes can be a magical experience.  It may be short lived but that makes it even more special.
I admire meaningful, lasting art pieces that you keep and treasure forever.  But I am not a collector.  I don't own anything of monetary value.  Then, my need to produce is constant so food as an edible useable act is a sustainable way for me to remain relevant to myself.  Edible art.  Another reason I am proud of this invention is it has double tasked as an antidote for sadness and anxiety.  A healthier alternative to the self-medicating of the past.
I'm calling this Mexican Corn Chowder using green apple, avocado, chilies, corn and cilantro, non-fat milk.  The avocado brings creaminess and the green apple instead of potato gives a slightly sweet complimentary kick to the chili and corn. I couldn't resist adding a little crispy chicken sausage to top for a garnish.

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