Saturday, May 2, 2015

If You Don't Know Me By Now, You Will Never Never Ever Know Me

Our friend had a 5pm show in the city on this day so I had to race home on my bike and smear on some lipstick and new deodorant, race out the door to make it in time.  The show turned out to be magic with good sound, light and ambience.  They had a real piano and lots of wood, on the beams and floors, to add to the visual sound.  So, P is never late.  Me, I'm 50/50.  So when we travel together there is a good chance we'll be detained.  I sometimes make the mistake of thinking I'll know exactly which subway to get on and which stop is the best when really, I'm never quite sure.  So we were near full gallop by the time we reached the right block and somehow it's my fault even though we both understand I have NO sense of direction. It's established!  Under official marriage ruling, if it's an established flaw then I think the second party must claim partial responsibility...if not all.    
Coming back we both felt a sense of accomplishment.  We took a cab. The sun was still out and I was starving.  Yes, we could have picked a million amazing spots to stop and have dinner there in the city downtown but I was already flooded with next morning work dread, so we picked up a few slices from next door, Lean Crust Pizza and left it at that. 

The Cherry Tomato slices were so juicy like a whole party of fun burst in your mouth at each bite.  And the crust is so light and thin.  Yes, we're not eating bread normally but once in a while you have to just give your inner people what they want.  Even when you don't deserve it.

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