Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear

My dad really enjoys his food.  I loved watching his rituals years ago when preparing himself a plate of something I knew he loved, like sardines.  Necessary items would include a pack of Saltine crackers, chopped onion, lot of mustard and black pepper and if I'm not mistaken he put fresh jalapeno but that was really on everything he ate.  As a kid the idea of sardines for lunch is not appealing in the least but my dad was not about to spend any time worrying about what some kid found appetizing so, sardines it was!  
But in recent years I've rediscovered the beauty of sardines in the here and now.  They are super cheap, super filling, very portable, 21 grams of protein!  And with mustard or tomato and diced sweet onions, you know this is a great solution for a quickie.
Speaking of a quickie, I had to run to the market the other day.  I had my camera hoping to capture something happening or some blooming tree and I ran into a beautiful little bird on the sidewalk, just sitting there.  Not a baby, but a small bird.  Smack in the middle of the sidewalk, looking stunned.  My automatic first reaction was to take a picture and then I stopped myself.  This bird needed help!  Birds don't stand in the middle of the sidewalk in the city lady, wake up!  I bent down and it was breathing heavy but didn't move away, just sort of flapped his wings.  I looked around to see if there was someone smarter than me, more capable of dealing with a 'situation' as I am not that girl that knows what to do normally. No one, except the guy that all the building owners hire to maintain their hallways.  I don't trust him.  He won't know.  I thought a minute.  My phone!  It'll tell me what to do.  Googled, found a bird and at least 20 instant lists of instructions came up.  Praise be!  So I gently nudged him a bit to see if his wings were working and nothing appeared broken.  I softly picked up the little feller in a tissue and put him safely in a garden nearby to let him regain his bearings.
This is where I'm not as awesome as I could have been but hey I'm putting it out there.  My diagnosis was he was just temporarily stunned and would fly off after a few moments alone.  He was next to a building that had huge windows. My handy detective work.  I could have went back and put him in a box and nursed him to health at my house as the articles also suggested.  But I didn't go back.  I left him there because I was busy and did what I basically deemed acceptable at the time.  But I couldn't help feeling like a heel later that night imagining him now hidden in this foreign landscape, injured, with no one but large rodents lurking.  Just what I always knew, inside I'm a selfish bastuhd, just like my dad!

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