Monday, May 11, 2015

Doctor My Eyes, Was I Unwise to Leave Them Open For So Long

About three weeks ago I woke up with my little finger in my ear and in extreme pain.  Apparently during sleep my ear began itching and in my groggy state I forgot the rules about keeping everything smaller than your elbow out of your ear.  I had done something bad. It hurt like hell and I couldn't hear.  Well, that's trying to heal now and so on this day, I was heading out to pick up my friend Hope to see the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  I really enjoy this yearly visit when the cherry blossoms are in bloom and the lilacs are out in every shade. Seeing the Japanese zen garden.
And right before I was to leave I put in eye drops because I woke up all fuzzy from allergies and bleary eyed. But there was a slight problem.  They weren't eye drops at all but ear drops! I put ear drops in my damn eyes which is basically peroxide.  Holy crap they burned like all hell so I run to the bathroom and instinctively just begin dousing them with water without stopping, screaming all the while to P who's so good in these situations by the way.  He's just out of the shower but runs to the computer to check what to do and comes and reassures me it's gonna be okay. People apparently do this.  I keep rinsing and rinsing.  Since I'd just done it, it would be okay. I have a quick panic attack thinking what if I'd done that on the subway where there is no water!  Oh God! Holy shit! More adrenaline and assorted anxiety.  Finally I don't believe I'll go blind anymore and decide I can still head out to meet my friend.  I wore super dark glasses and by the expressions I got in the restroom by a couple of ladies, apparently also looked drunk off my ass.

I'm blaming all of this madness on Mercury Retrograde although I don't know enough about it to really speak but that never stopped me before.  I tried reading countless articles but couldn't seem to grasp the meaning and lo and behold being all fuzzy is one of the damn problems during this time.  I am deeply affected by the full moon so Mercury passing between the Sun and the Earth with all it's iron being able to cause havoc on behavior makes sense to me.  Plus an advertised possibility to change my future while within an ability to access my genius sounds very inviting.  Do I choose to believe it, or do I recognize it, like a deep intuitive understanding?  Either way, I'm down with this orbital backslide.

Part of the adventure was supposed to involve lunch at the park's cafe but this is one downside of skinny friends, they're never hungry.  Well I was near death by the time I arrived back home.  They don't let you sit down in that damn garden!  No benches and they asked us to get up when we tried to stop and have a drink and some nuts on the grass.  By that time I was tearing at the package with my teeth trying desperately to get at those delicious meaty nuts!
From this awesome sunny day my eyes felt like they were bleeding by the time I made to my door.  I quickly made a nice meal of leftovers by adding a little cheddar to my masa mixture, throwing it in the oven and calling it a casserole.  A side citrus salad of mixed greens gave it nice balance.

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