Sunday, May 31, 2015

Everything Must Change, Nothing Stays the Same

Somewhere along the last few years we stopped going to eat at the local places and took to doing more take out runs and deliveries.  My schedule is one of the big culprits, having to work weekends and nights but also, it just feels like some natural progression is taking place. The neighborhood is also changing and has become crowded with college age caucasian kids carrying some sort of obnoxious energy that's a little off putting, not to call out white people in any negative way.  Fort Greene has it's own unique hip vibe.  And listen, the local businesses have really come into their own and I'm sure welcome the extra foot traffic.  In the last few years, this stretch of Fulton has become a major destination.  It's currently on trend, the hot spot.  But people are not respectful to the overall ambience and literally change it by plowing through with their flip flops en mass, not to mention throw cigarette butts and trash in our little planter in front.  Gorgeous, tall African-American women walk through these streets dressed very well for a night out and the men don hats and great shoes, stylish attire and intelligent conversation. There's an amazing cigar bar around the corner. It's pleasant.  I guess I just hate to see it all tarnished.  I certainly have no business walking around either and possibly am adding to the sludge with my stinky bike helmet and sweaty head, but see I don't prance around at night like I own anything.  I am like the little Mexican squirrel monkey, getting in all my shopping and errands done during daylight hours before I sneak quickly back in my little hole to write and eat.
Habana to Go sometimes calls our name to come fetch one of their chicken and corn salads that I beef up with black beans, salsa and guacamole for a weeknight after work dinner.  It is already a great salad but adding the extra fiber with the beans and flavor burst of the fresh pico just makes it that much richer.
Everything changes constantly in this city and that's how it is and will be but dern it, I want to see Coconut Rob when I go outside on the corner with his whole tropical set up and the Blue Moon with all their beautiful plants and flowering pots and fabulous diners.
Well, as they say, whatevs.  You can't stop I won't call it progress because it's just basically who has more money and can't find their own scene.  They are selling our building too and we'll need to move.  Nothing in the vicinity is affordable for us.  So for this situation, we'll be the ones exiting. Maybe the new area mix is healthy and vibrant and I just don't like change.

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