Sunday, May 24, 2015

Cause You Got Personality

Thanks to Netflix & ROKU, I am able to finally watch some cooking shows, something I've missed not having cable.  In a few of the burger competitions they complained many burgers were more of a meatloaf because they had too many fillers.  I think ground turkey and chicken do very well with lots of additions.  I like the taste of these burgers and feel if you don't overmix, they still hold their form and texture. It gives them unique personalities.
And the truth is if you do add things like oatmeal, peppers, garlic, herbs, spinach they become a little  healthier.  It stretches the pound of meat and yields many more burgers.  We all know full on veggie burgers can be amazing. So, sorry Food Network judges, the logic just doesn't hold up.  Folks are not eating beef as much and we still need our burger fix. Almost-veggie burgers rock.
This was a good food day, very similar to a good hair day.  I was happy with it. It tasted great, better than expected and photographed fairly well.  A slice of jack cheese and then topped with a very tropical tasting salsa over a pineapple jasmine rice and beans.

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