Saturday, May 9, 2015

It Even Makes You Happy When You're Feeling Blue

When I was little I loved to make up games and then roll them out during my playtime with my sis R.  She was always up for all of my nutty suggestions.  I really miss hanging out with her.  Sometimes now when I come home and only have about 20-30 minutes to make dinner before I get stupid grouchy, I pretend in my head that I am on Chopped and must use the ingredients in my mystery basket, which is my fridge.  On this day I had ground turkey, avocado, parmesan cheese and strawberries.
I kept seeing pictures of that 7 layer dip with the beans, tomatoes and corn and that always looks so festive. But I needed a meal tonight, not a snack.  From the pantry I used corn meal for a nice spicy mush bed while  utilizing the parmesan with yogurt for added creaminess.   I can't say enough about fruit with salsas and pico.  It's been done and done again, but only because it is so good and refreshing.
I layered the corn, the meat, avocado, dressed greens, sweet onions and sliced strawberries, like that dip but it ate more like a meal.  If this salad were on Chopped (Amature addition of course), for the entree, I may have slid into the dessert round.  I didn't transform the ingredients but they all really played so well together in my mouth.  And I think R would like this salad if I made it for her.

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