Friday, May 29, 2015

Wouldn't You Agree, Baby You and Me Gotta Groovy Kind of Love

After a winter of hating on virtually every part of our lives here, spring came.  Trust me, we're damn lucky, have our health and from how we both treated our bodies, pretty grateful for that alone.  Spring in New York allows you into it's wonderfulness just long enough for your jaw to drop and realize you're so fortunate to ever have lived here period.  It's like getting that girl that you knew was way too pretty for you but somehow she said 'okay I'll go out with you'.  She never said she loved you though...take note. All amazing hard to describe advantages to being with her. There are no appropriate words for the scenes you steal with your eyes here, the conversations you overhear, the people a chapter all their own, the architecture, the history, the happenings, the stuff that goes on that you have no connection to but is equally fabulous.  The energy that emits from every single direction and even if you took a 30 minute cab ride to another side of town, that electric current never stops the entire way, jam packed with more and more life happening at just that moment.  And it's all this big build up going in and until end of summer and now thanks to global warming, way into late November-early December.
I'm constantly reminded though that I'm not from here. Mostly from myself.  I am a visitor, no matter how many years I pay rent.  New Yorkers are so lucky to have been born here, to have family here or to have started their lives here.  You are never awestruck and have learned to keep the poker face amidst just about any occurrence.  You have the upper hand in most conversations regarding any part of the city.  You are New York for all intents and purposes.
I put a whole lot of spices and flavor into this tomato chipotle broth for my poached chicken.  I'm not sure if it paid off although it was very tender and juicy.  I enjoyed it and kept saying how much I liked it. The surprise was these delicious fresh green beans just steamed and then sauteed in garlic and EVOO. Finished off with a big squeeze of lime and salt.  Couldn't quit eating them.
No New York never tells you she loves you back maybe because she too sees that it could never really work between us, really and truly.  She likes us too, the people that come looking for something here that they can't find in the cornfields of their own towns.  Maybe we serve some sort of real purpose. We're nice and willing.  I don't know how many of my dumbass friendly smiles go unanswered everyday you'd think I'd learn.  We're always telling her how great she looks, so thankful just to hang.  And seems like she'll let us for however long we're willing to pay out our ass just to stay here.

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